100 Strangers

As photographers, we are constantly pushing ourselves to take more photos. This can be more difficult than it sounds, and there are a number of photography projects out there such as Project 365, 52 Walks, A-Z and several others that spark creativity.  Perhaps the most imagination-inducing photography project  of all is the 100 Strangers Project.

Stranger #028 by Ben Raynal (zubrow)

The 100 strangers project encourages photographers to stretch their comfort zones by taking 100 portraits of subjects which they have never encountered.  The concept is designed to improve not only the photography skills of the artist, but also social skills, by forcing photographers to meet new people.

Stranger #001 by Ben Raynal (zubrow)

Photographers are encouraged to socialize with their subjects, and ask for permission to take a photo of them.  The final challenge for the photographer is to tell a story with the image they capture.

Stranger #032 by Ben Raynal (zubrow)

With Candidtag, photographers have an easy way of sharing their photos with their subjects, without the hastle of gathering email addresses.  Furthermore, in addition to improving photography and social skills, Candidtag gives 100 Strangers enthusiasts the chance to also enhance their business skills.  Photographers can now earn money from the 100 Strangers project by selling their portraits back to their subjects.  Sign up for Candidtag today to learn more!

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