Huge Commission Rate Increases

First and foremost, we at candidtag want to thank everyone for the huge amount of support and positive feedback we have been receiving across the entire web community.  We have recently been featured on BBC Travel, PetaPixel, and Reddit where we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.  All that being said, some of our users felt that our commission rates were too low, and we have responded by making very significant increases in the commission rates that we offer photographers.  The updated commission rates are as follows:

Sales Range Commission %
0.00 – 49.99 50%
50.00 – 99.99 55%
100.00 – 199.99 60%
200.00 – 299.99 65%
300.00 and up 70%

With commission rates now starting at 50%, we believe that the added incentive for photographers will result in more photographers using the site.

100 Strangers

As photographers, we are constantly pushing ourselves to take more photos. This can be more difficult than it sounds, and there are a number of photography projects out there such as Project 365, 52 Walks, A-Z and several others that spark creativity.  Perhaps the most imagination-inducing photography project free automatic essay writer of all is the 100 Strangers Project.

Stranger #028 by Ben Raynal (zubrow)

The 100 strangers project encourages photographers to stretch their comfort zones by taking 100 portraits of subjects which they have never encountered.  The concept is designed to improve not only the photography skills of the artist, but also social skills, by forcing photographers to meet new people.

Stranger #001 by Ben Raynal (zubrow)

Photographers are encouraged to socialize with their subjects, and ask for permission to take a photo of them.  The final challenge for the photographer is to tell a story with the image they capture.

Stranger #032 by Ben Raynal (zubrow)

With Candidtag, photographers have an easy way of sharing their photos with their subjects, without the hastle of gathering email addresses.  Furthermore, in addition to improving photography and social skills, Candidtag gives 100 Strangers enthusiasts the chance to also enhance their business skills.  Photographers can now earn money from the 100 Strangers project by selling their portraits back to their subjects.  Sign up for Candidtag today to learn more!

How To Become a Professional Photographer

In the not so distant past, the answer to the question, “How do I become a professional photographer” was a very complicated one. You see, becoming a great photographer not only required great skill, but it also necessitated quite a large budget. Purchasing a good camera, lenses, flashes, tripods etc, required a would be professional to make a huge investment in pursuing his or her craft as trade. That is simply not the case today. The costs involved in producing professional quality photography equipment has declined drastically.  Yesterday’s photographers would likely die to have equipment half as effective as some of today’s BOTTOM SHELF consumer merchandise.

Nikon D3100

This leads us to the question, “What Separates Professional Photographers from Gadget Junkies?” This is a much simpler question and can be answered in a word, experience. Experience is what separates amateurs, hobbyists, and gear snobs from professional photographers. This can cause quite the dilemma for photographers trying to cross the barrier and call themselves “pros”.  How can an inexperienced camera owner gain practice if it’s the lack of practice that’s holding them back in the first place?  Let’s face it, you aren’t gonna win a wedding contract with a portfolio filled with pictures of your dog/cat/mom/etc.  Many of us have resorted to doing portrait shoots free of charge under the condition that the photos taken can be used to boost the photographers portfolio.  This is simply not fair.  You paid for your camera, you spent hours reading tutorials online about aperture, exposure, ISO, white balance, focal length etc. You spent your valuable time before the shoot researching the setting, during the shoot taking pictures, and after the shoot post processing.   This is a business model that simply won’t last.

The italics now should serve as a disclaimer that the below content is promotional and should be regarded as such.

Candidtag allows photographers to gain experience and profit from their work at the same time. Candidtag allows photographers to work at becoming professionals, while getting paid. Furthermore, Candidtag removes all risk associated with a professional contract.  If your equipment malfunctions while out on the job, no big deal. You can pick up where you left off.  Sign Up for Candidtag today, and jump on the fast track to becoming a pro!


How to Earn Money from your Photography

Welcome to the Candidtag blog! Before we go any further, you should Sign Up for Candidtag. Candidtag is a free service that allows photographers to make money for taking pictures.  But i’m going to assume that you already knew that, and you know exactly How It Works.

In today’s inaugural post I would like to to talk about my frustrations as an amateur photographer trying to turn my favorite hobby, photography, into a profession.  I am, and always have been, my toughest critic. When I first got into photography it was all about impressing myself.  I sought out new sights. I searched for new places fresh to my own eyes. As I became a more experienced photographer, and a better one, I started to post my pictures on facebook, and some friends started taking a liking to my work.  As I stringently critiqued my own work for things like an improper application of the rule of thirds,  blown highlights, or other flaws that only a photographer would notice, my friends didn’t seem to care. My friends seemed to like the photos that they could connect with, images that were relevant to them.

My friends began reaching out to me about purchasing my photos because the subject was a building they walk past every day, their old college campus, or a path they used to walk down as a kid.  I vividly remember receiving a message from my friend wanting to purchase a canvas of a photo that I had taken very early on in my picture taking career.  I literally told him that I had messed up so many things in the  photo that I could not justify charging someone money for it.  He insisted on purchasing it anyway.

After selling a few photographs I seriously considered pursuing photography as a full time career.  As my photographic skill and experienced improved, however, the interest from friends and family stayed the same. People only seemed to be interested in photographs that they could relate to.

I began doing portraits for friends and families because portraits, after all, are relevance to the extreme.  This went pretty well until I ran out of friends interested in having portraits taken. This didn’t bother me too much though because I was more interested in taking the pictures that I wanted to take, not those that were being demanded by clients.  It seemed like I had to choose between taking the pictures that would sell, or taking the ones that I wanted to take. What I realized is that only the greatest photographers have the luxury of being able to take the photographs that they want to take and still make money from them.

This single realization is what sparked Candidtag.  Candidtag allows photographers to capture the images that they want to, while keeping those images relevant to their clients.  It combines the freedom of art which can only be expressed when it chooses to, with the extreme relevance to the audience as a portrait session. If you haven’t done so yet, I invite you to Sign Up and discover what many other photographers are starting to find out.