Candidtagging Tips – Part 2

Earlier this week, our service was featured on, and we have since welcomed a number of new photographers to Candidtag.  It has really been exciting to see so many new photographers join the site, and if you have not yet read our first installment of candidtagging tips, we highly recommend that you do so.  We really want to keep this series both cumulative and collaborative, so if you have any feedback or tips to feature in our next series, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Without further ado, here are some brand new Candidtagging tips:

  1. Carry an extra camera. If you happen to have two camera bodies, I would recommend setting up one camera with a prime lens at a fixed focal length, for example 85mm. Use this one when possible to get professional looking images with a shallow depth of field. Set up the other camera with a zoom lens, more often than not you will find yourself using this camera so that you can quickly get the right composition without having to move to much. People probably don’t want to wait around for you to switch between lenses either.
  2. Carry plenty of Candidtag Collection Cards. Even if you only plan on taking a few pictures, you really never know when the right Candidtagging moment will strike, for example a big crowd at a new sculpture or monument.  Having enough cards is imperative because once you run out, you are out of luck. Candidtag Collection Card
  3. Think outside the box.  Stretch the meaning of Candidtagging. You don’t need to be in a big city with many tourists to use Candidtag.  For example, there are many photographers that will use candidtag at little league games that they would be photographing anyway.  Take pictures during the game and hand out the cards to the parents. This gives the parents an easy way to order prints, and you can save up some cash for that new lens you deserve. Use candidtag at little league games.
  4. Show off your equipment.  Since many people already carry cameras with them on a day to day basis, it can really help to differentiate what you can offer with better equipment.  We all know that most dSLR cameras take better pictures than point and shoots and cell phones. Add a battery pack to your body and use a big lens. People will realize that you have a lot to offer them, and that you can take a higher quality photo than what they are able to do.
  5. Flatter your subjects.   No need to go overboard here, but telling them that they are interesting or the subject of a good photo will increase the likelihood that they oblige and even buy the photo later.

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